The CVO Group is a group of related companies active in the European real estate market.


The CVO Group was founded in 1999 and presently the organization is managed by its co-founder Bert Corneth, an expert in the European real estate market.


The headquarters of the Group are in the Netherlands (Rotterdam).


The Group presently also has offices in Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Madrid), Italy* (Rome, Venice and Milan), Germany* (Frankfurt and Hamburg) and France* (Paris).

* cooperation alliance

Are you interested in joining our teams in the Netherlands or on the Iberian Peninsula?


Send your application letter and curriculum vitae via e-mail to:


Because of our company development
we are permanently looking for
talented and experienced



Feel free to send your details to:
CVO Group
P.O. Box 4307
3006 AH Rotterdam
The Netherlands


T +31 (0)10 452 98 69