June 2012

NL - CVO Group launches C&P Health, Wellness and Care

As part of its business development strategy the CVO Group this month officially launches a new line of services via a new branch company, called C&P Health, Wellness and Care.


June 2012 - C&P_HWC_logo.jpg


C&P Health, Wellness and Care, in short: C&P HWC, offers a broad range of project management, development and consultancy services concerning real estate projects and real estate related projects to organisations that operate in the health, wellness and care sector.

C&P HWC operates from the CVO Group offices in the Netherlands, yet its geographical field of operations is international.

Developments in the international health, wellness and care sector over the last few years triggered numerous changes and with that challenges concerning the handling of real estate matters in this sector.
Improvement of effciency, strategies for and execution of re-developments or new developments as well as the developing of strategies on how to deal with real estate that has become redundant are only few examples of the topics regarding which the team of C&P HWC can be of service to its clients.
C&P HWC benefits from the experience of the CVO Group teams in the international real estate market that stretches over a period of more than a decade.

Soon more information on the C&P HWC activities will be presented, also including a dedicated window on the CVO Group web site.