Our services

CVO offers a wide range of services and activities
related to commercial real estate projects.

Depending on the type of project our involvement can vary
from ad hoc/strategic, e.g. pre-acquisition or preselling
consultancy, up to long term and day-to-day involvement,
e.g. monitoring or management of development projects
throughout each phase.

Our portfolio includes office building and shopping center
developments, as well as industrial and logistic building
developments. Some of our projects are mixed use projects,
sometimes including residential use.

Our portfolio teams handle large scale projects just as
easily as medium and small scale projects.
New developments, re-developments and
refurbishments are all within our field of experience.

The range of services and activies can be divided into the
following main 3 categories:

Project Management (also including Project Monitoring)
Property Consultancy
Project Development

New services are permanently being developed in order to
optimize our response to the demands of our clients and
the market.



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