Project management

Depending on the position of our client in a project, CVO can either provide Project Management services or Project Monitoring services throughout every project phase.


Project Management services are given to clients who act as initiators or developers in a real estate project.

Project Monitoring services are given to clients who act as investors or (future) owners in real estate projects and/or objects.


As part of all of these services, we will set the project's targets in close cooperation with the client and endeavor to execute the project so that every target is met and we will fully represent our client in a project team.          


Typical Project Management services concern:

• definition and control of quality (specifications, preliminary 
  study, site supervision etc.)
• organization (handling of licensing procedures, tendering,
  project team setup etc.)
• cost control (budget/cost estimate, budget/cost control etc.)
• timing (programming, progress control etc.)
• information (interdisciplinary lines of communication,
  meetings etc.)
• risks (risk management, health and safety etc.)

Typical Project Monitoring activities are similar to the above but are adapted to the clients position:
• multidisciplinary due diligence reviews
• design and execution appraisals
• compliance monitoring during the execution


Within the bandwidth of the above key activities we offer multidisciplinary due diligence services, be it for buyers or for sellers, concerning real estate developments and concerning existing real estate properties.

Our broad and long term experience in the international real estate market really pays off here for our clients and our due diligence reports are often used as part of the contractual package in sale and purchase deals.



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